Diet Tips

1) Change your milk!

Simply changing your milk from full fat or semi-skimmed milk to skimmed milk or an unsweetened nut milk (like almond milk) can reduce your calorie intake significantly.

2) Reduce your loaf size!

Opting for a half-sized (400 g) wholemeal loaf rather than a full sized (800 g) wholemeal loaf can save you lots of calories per slice!

3) Love eggs? Here’s how to keep the calorie (and cholesterol) intake down!

One whole (medium sized) egg is approx. 70 calories. However, if you remove the yolk, the egg white is only approx. 17 calories! So, if you’re looking to have a couple of eggs with a meal, drop one of the yolks to save yourself some unnecessary calories (and cholesterol!).

4) Make fruit only 1 portion of your ‘5 a day’

While fruit is an amazing source of micronutrients (vitamins & minerals), and tastes amazing, it is also quite high in natural sugars and can therefore contain quite a few calories. There is a common misconception that the ‘5 a day’ guidelines that are recommended to us can all be either fruit OR vegetables. Ideally, we should have ONE portion of fruit and FOUR portions of, preferably green, leafy vegetables every day. Vegetables tend to be lower in calories than MOST fruits and contain equally important vitamins and minerals!

5) Swap your oil!

Using oil is essential for some types of cooking. However, oil is VERY calorie dense and these are the kinds of ‘hidden’ calories that many people forget to factor in to their calorie allowances. Where possible swap your bottled oils (where you pour free-hand into the pan!) for a spray oil. There are spray oils available that are only 1 calorie per squirt!

6) Have salad or vegetables with EVERY meal where possible

Whatever meal you have, try to cover at least half of your plate with salad or vegetables. This can save a HUGE amount of calories as vegetables tend to be lower in calories than our carbohydrates and proteins. Limit the portion size of your carbohydrates and proteins to the other half of the plate (and don’t pile too high); you can easily consume an additional 500-700 unnecessary calories per day by having too big a portion on your plate at each meal!

7) Change the sauces and dressings on your salads!

Some salads can actually be higher in calories than a large burger mainly due to the dressings that come with them! When making your own salads, opt for dressings such as Cyder Vinegar or Balsamic Vinegar as a lower calorie alternative to other calorie dense sauces.

8) Drink at least 2 litres of water every day

Very often when we feel hungry, we are actually thirsty. Make sure you are drinking at least the recommended water intake level of 2 litres every day.

Here are some simple, unprocessed meal ideas to help you!



(200 – 300 calories)

  • 2 poached eggs (only 1 yolk!) on 2 slices of wholemeal toast.
  • Porridge (45 g) with skimmed or unsweetened almond milk one tablespoon of honey / agave syrup.
  • 2 Weetabix with skimmed or unsweetened almond milk.


 (300 – 400 calories)

  • Chicken / Turkey breast, white fish, prawns and salad / vegetables.
  • Clear soups (including chicken / vegetable).
  • Wholemeal wrap with plain tuna / chicken breast and salad.


 (300 – 400 calories)

  • Lean steak, chicken / turkey breast, white fish, oily fish, potatoes / rice and vegetables
  • Jacket Potato & tuna with salad (no butter!)
  • Chicken Fajita with vegetables / salad